Symphony No.9 Op.95 - II. Largo (excerpt)
Symphony No.9 Op.95 - II. Largo (excerpt)
Alexandros Fragiskatos

Symphony No.9 Op.95 - II. Largo (excerpt)

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This excerpt of Dvořák's iconic Largo allows pan to showcase its ability to play one of the most beautiful moments in Western classical music. Pan's unique timbre is suited perfectly for Dvořák's gorgeous themes and harmonies. While not technically demanding, musically, this arrangement will provide a rewarding challenge, as when dynamic detail and sensitive phrasing are observed, the result can be breathtaking. It is perfect for introducing variety in one's concert program, because it provides a moment for the performers and audience alike to catch their breath between the usual upbeat calypsos and socas.

Key Signature: 5 flats

Time Signature: 4/4

Style: Symphony

Tempo: QN= 52

Difficulty Level: Intermediate