This page aims to provide additional educational materials for steel bands and their directors.

Firstly, I've played drumset since middle school and I studied percussion through my college degrees. So, in my steel band classes, I generally always play drumset for the group. This allows me to focus on pan players only and keeps things moving at the tempos that I want. It also allows me to adjust what I'm playing to aid in the pan parts as the band learns. Folks always ask me, "but what if I don't play drumset?" 

I tell them to TRY! I believe ANYONE can begin to play these styles with your band. Check out this video for a BASICS tutorial on Soca and Calypso styles for the drumset! 

Soca Calypso Drumset BASICS _video link


Coming soon:

Instructional videos regarding The Iron, and other "Engine Room" instruments.

This page will slowly gain content as I'm able to create it, and as always, email with ANY questions you might have... THANKS!  

Mike Wendeln -