Steelband in the Classroom - method book

Steelband in the Classroom is a textbook designed for the pan classroom. The book covers the foundation of music reading using casual, clear formatting, and uses real-life musical examples from published steelband music.
This ninety-page workbook can be used to get a group of beginners (or any student) up and running quickly on the pan. Once through the basic lessons, they'll have a foundation of music reading especially in cut-time. In addition to tear-out quizzes and tests, instructors can begin to use the more advanced parts of the book as a supplement to working on concert music. For a more advanced group, the book can be a great way to start each rehearsal: working a new concept, rhythm counting, working on sight-reading, or just warming up for the day. The book is spiral bound and rugged enough to last a student for multiple years as they progress through a school program.
We feel strongly that using actual steelband repertoire as examples in the book gives teachers and students a connection to a growing world of original pan music. We also hope that directors look to these and other publishers for good quality music that works in the classroom.


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